Nemesis Gym


This exciting event will be taking place at Nemesis Gym on October 21st 2018

Register online to book your place in this tournament style competition. Registration closes on October 13th !


September 16th sees Nemesis Gym hosting an exciting day of Muay Thai action.

The show will feature a wide range of Muay Thai fighters from all ages sp make sure to put the date in your diary and come down and enjoy some excellent Muay Thai entertainment!


Phoebe Ilott from Nemesis was a proud member of Team GB at the IFMA World Championships in Thailand.

Phoebe put on an excellent performance in her first fight in the home of Muay Thai, showed amazing talent and skill. Team GB as a whole performed to an incredibly high standard and showed the depth of talent we possess. Congratulationsto all.


Four members of the senior Muay Thai squad travelled to Birmingham to the UKMF Novice competition on July 15th.

All 4 put on outstanding performances to become UKMF Novice Champions for their age and weight. The boys put in many hours of dedicated training and this showed in their exceptional skill and stamina. Well done to them all!!


The weekend of June 2nd and 3rd saw the martial artists from both Boxing and Muay Thai mats showing their skills!

Riverside ABC set the standard on Saturday night with the boxers showing outstanding skills against Repton and Pinewood juniors. Sunday saw the Thai side put on an outstanding display of technique and heart. The team spirit on both night was incredible. Well done to all!


Nemesis Gym now has a new string to its bow, in the form of Riverside Amateur Boxing Club. We have joined the ranks of England Boxing.

This will open up the pathway opportunities at regional, national and International competitions, even at the Olympics. If you're interested in becoming a professional boxer, Riverside ABC is the place to start.


We are pleased and proud to announce that Phoebe Ilott will be travelling to Bangkok in August to attend the IFMA World Championships!

Phoebe will be representing Team GB at the world's most prestigious Muay Thai Competition. Fighters from around the globe will compete in what has been termed the Olympics of Muay Thai. This is the result of years of hard work and dedication. WELL DONE!!!


Members of the Muay Thai squad travelled to Barnsley to take part in the Yokkao Tournament on April 14 2018

The team performed to an incredibly high standard, exhibiting outstanding skills, determination and work ethic. Congratulations to all those who took part and showed once again the depth of talent here. WELL DONE! #TeamNemesis


March 31st saw the first Decision Show of the Year. Juniors, Seniors and Adults from both Muay Thai and Boxing took part.

The show was a great success with outstanding performances from all who took part. Congratultions to all those who took part. Thanks to all the gyms who attended. Special thanks to all coaches who dedicate themselves to the martial arts they love. #TeamNemesis


Members of the Muay Thai squad travelled to Leeds on March 17 2018 to take part in the UKMF Tournament.

Congratulations to all those who took part and showed skill and character. Jaiden Fordree won his category, as did Phoebe Illott and Daniel Barber. Cady Anderson, Tavoy Noble and Molly Walborn performed impressively and showed grace and courage. Well done to all, #TeamNemesis


Elite ABA Boxing has arrived at Nemesis with Coach Charlie Rumble showing the way to boxing excellence.

This Elite class is INVITATION ONLY and takes place on Tuesday and Thursday at 6.45-8.00pm and Saturday at 11-12pm. We gladly welcome Charlie to Team Nemesis and look forward to this new and exciting class.


The December BJJ Grading was a chance for all those who have worked hard on the mats to be recognised.

Congratulations to all those who received stripes and a special Congratulations to American Steve Russell, who received his purple belt.


The crowd was electric and the fights were outstanding in the last Nemesis show of 2017.

Congratulations to all those who took part and gave their hearts and souls to the sports they love. It was a great night of drama and excitement and we thank all those who helped make it so.


The gym will be closed on December 2nd as we hold our final show of the year. Destiny II

The show will be action packed and starts at 10am meaning there will be no classes on that date. Never fear everything will be back to normal on Monday!!!


Nemesis Gym presents Destiny II on December 2nd 2017. This will be a show full of Boxing, Muay Thai, K1 and MMA.

Tickets are now available for what promises to be a fantastic display of Martial Arts. Come into reception or speak to the fighters to get yours!!


The Muay Thai star hosted a 2 hour seminar, demonstrating techniques and speaking about life as a World class fighter.

This was a incredible event, with Iman showing some of her favourite weapons from her impressive arsenal. It was an inspirational session and it was fantastic to witness first hand how far hard work and dedication can achieve. May thanks to Iman and her father!


Due to popular demand we are introducing MMA classes here at Nemesis Gym.

From striking to groundwork, this class has it all. So come on down and give it a try. Classes will start on Monday 23rd October and are available for both adults and children so contact us to arrange your first session. See you in the cage!


It was medals aplenty for Team Nemesis at the Southeast BJJ Open in Folkestone, with a total medal count of 10!

5 Gold, 2 Silver and 3 Bronze were won. Michael Tekyi won SIlver in his first BJJ competition and Chris Simpson won Bronze in his first outing as a purple belt. Congratulations to all those who took part.


The children are back to school, the bbq is back in the shed, and that little black dress is calling your name!

We have a great offer for all ladies to help us look our best this festive season. Whether it's a Halloween costume, or a stunning outfit for New Years, we can you help you feel even more fabulous! Call 01322335076 or pop in for more details.


Team Nemesis won medals in a variety of disciplines at MAASIF on Sept 10th 2017. BJJ, Strike and Grapple and K1.

Congratulations to Cady Anderson, Mark Harvey, Molly Walborn and Steve Walborn, who all won gold in their categories. Nikolas Kortesis and Stevie Bushell also put on excellent performances. The hard work these fighter have put in paid off. Well Done!!


Nemesis Gym presents Destiny II on December 2nd 2017. This will be a show full of Boxing, Muay Thai, K1 and MMA.

It will be a great night and a chance to showcase your skills in your chosen martial art. Matches are being made, so contact your coach if you would like to participate. Tickets will be available soon so make a note in your diary.


Neto was born in Brazil and received his black belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in 2006 from Walter Broca

Neto brings a wealth of both National and International Brazilian Jiu Jitsu experience to the mats and is a welcome addition to Nemesis. Part of the Checkmat team, his skills and experience will not doubt propel the BJJ team to even greater heights.


Nemesis Head Coach Michael Tekyi has been appointed ISKA National Director for Amateur Ring Sports.

The International Sport Karate and Kickboxing Association ISKA has appointed Michael to the post after his tireless work to promote and grow ring sports such as Muay Thai and Boxing. Michael will continue his excellent work not only at Nemesis but on the National Stage.


It was a great day for the BJJ mats as the Team travelled to the London Pro National Competition returning with 5 medals!

Congratulations to all those who took part. Coach Dave Muscat won Gold in his first Brown Belt competition. Oliver Wood and Connell Rich medalled in their first BJJ contests and Sue Dale won Silver in her category and Bronze in the absolutes, Well done!


Boxing coach Jimmy Haughney donned the gloves in a rematch for the Light-Middleweight Title, after a close fight in April.

It was a great bout with both men giving their all. After 4 jaw rattling rib punishing rounds the decision went against Jimmy, who had definitely left heart body and soul in the ring. Congratulations to all who fought and Well Done Jimmy


Members of the BJJ team went to Gravesend for the 2017 Grading. Having worked hard all year it was time to celebrate!

Congratulations to all who received stripes and especial congratulations to Coaches Michael Tekyi and David Muscat who were promoted, Michael to Blue belt and David to Brown Belt.


Fresh from her victories at the World Championships in Greece Phoebe Ilott once again steps onto the international stage.

Phoebe will be facing Jazzy Parr, daughter of John Wayne Parr to become ICO Junior Intercontinental Champion. Phoebe has shown her skills on the world stage and is ready for a new challenge. Tickets for this epic fight will be available at reception soon.


TeamNemesis put on an outstanding display in the ISKA World Championships in Athens last week. They all fought well and hard.

CONGRATULATIONS to Cady Anderson, Amy Brown, Phoebe Ilott, Titas Jankauskas, Tawab Mousavi and Molly Walborn who all excelled in the ring. Titas claimed a Silver medal, whilst all the other won Gold. They are World Champions!


Jack Starling and Jamie Hutchinson took to the ring on Friday 19th May to compete in this exciting event!

Both fighters put on outstanding performances and came away with the victory. Congratulations to them both. Hard work dedication and courage bring their rewards!!!


The Nemesis COLLISION show took place on Sunday 7th May and what an action packed day of martial arts action it was!

BJJ, Boxing, K1 and Muay Thai all took their turn in the spotlight and provided hours of entertainment for all. Congratulations to our new Title Holders Titas Jankauskas and Ben Gifford and well done to all those who took part and made the event special.


Sunday 7th May sees Nemesis host COLLISION. Boxing, Muay Thai and Grappling will all be on show it what will be an action packed day!

Tickets are available now so come to reception to book your place in what will be an awesome display of martial arts talent.

Boxing Fight Night March 2017

Our first Boxing Fight Night of the year is fast approaching, get your tickets today...

Standard Tickets cost £25 (Valid for 1 person), VIP Tables cost £400 (Valid for 8 people). Standard tickets will be available from Nemesis Gym and fighters. VIP Tables are available at Nemesis Gym. Weigh in starts at 3:00pm First fight starts at 6:00pm. Licenced Bar and


The ISKA World Championships in Muay Thai are taking place in Athens, Greece. We are proud that some of our members have made Team England.

Cady Anderson, Amy Brown, Jaxwell Castro, Phoebe Ilott, Titas Jankauskas, Tawab Mousavi and Molly Walborn all qualified to be a part of Team England. For some this will be their first World Championships and others will be defending their World titles. Congratulations to them all!!

Another Awesome Saturday With #TeamNemesis

Our Team competed in a couple of events on Saturday 12th November 2016

Saturday 12th November saw members of the Muay Thai travel across the south east to compete.
Jaxwell Castro journeyed to Hastings to contest the IKF Southern Area K1 title. Jaxwell put on an impressive display of technical skill and heart and stopped his opponent in the fourth round to claim the title!! Congratulations to him on his first title!!

Titas Jankauskas Tawab Mousavi and Molly Walborn travelled Blood and Glory at KO Bloodline. All three put on a superb display. 
Both Titas and Tawab both fought 5 closely contested rounds but were unfortunately unable to secure the win.
Molly Walborn beat her opponent to secure victory.

Congratulations to all these young fighters who really exemplify dedication, commitment and heart!!

#ProudAndStrong #TeamNemesis

ABA Boxing Comes to Nemesis Gym

Like to say a big welcome to Jack Starling who is now coaching aba boxing classes at Nemesis Martial Arts Academy.

Like to say a big welcome to Jack Starling who is now coaching aba boxing classes at Nemesis Martial Arts Academy. Class times 4:30pm -5:30pm every Tuesday, Thursday. Invitational sparring class Saturday 9:00am-10:00am. Starting 7th November 2016. Ages 6-11yrs only. #proudnpassionate #teamnemesis #keepstriving

Nemesis Gym Dominates Over Weekend

Fighters from our gym have dominated in competitions across London and the South coast over the weekend of 21/10/16 and 23/10/16.

Connor Stewart won DEBRA’s Total Combat Championship over a series of matches at DEBRA’s 12th Annual Fight Night held in London’s Hilton Park Lane on Friday 21st Ocrober 2016.

In his first match he stopped his opponent with a killer body shot during the first round, thus earning him the knock out victory putting him through to the second bout.

In his second match he overcame a really tough hard hitter by using his range to overpower his opponent, despite the head butt received when his opponent was coming in for the kill. During the battle, they traded off only for Connor to gain the advantage and dominate the rest of the bout thus winning his way to the final round and the Championship match.

In the final bout Connor squared off with a pro boxer. Although the boxer was very technical, Connor out shined with his own great technique, accompanied by his patience, great jabs, beautiful combos and display of excellence, to win the fight and the championship.

Our amazing team took part in F&F’s Night of Champions event held at Oceana Southampton on Saturday 22nd October 2016. The member’s who participated were Jaden Fordree, Richie Spink, Kyle Murray, Rory Wynne and Jaxwell Castro. Here are the results.

Jaden Fordree fought superbly, keeping his cool whilst his opponent was pressurising him by moving forward during the bout, however Jaden’s technique shone through by placing and timing his shots well throughout the bout. His excellent footwork and clinch sealed the deal as he won his fight by points.

Richie Spink in a brilliant bout battled through all three rounds. Once again the opponent was tough, kept moving forward and controlled the first two rounds. In an amazing turn of events, Richie opened up and Dominated with his striking during the third round, ultimately this was left too late in the battle and unfortunately lost on a points decision.

Kyle Murray fought in another three round bout, the first round was an even contest, but then the second round closed with Kyle staring to dominate. He continued dominating in the third round by using his superior strategy to ultimately get win the via points decision.

In another three round bout, Rory Wynne boxed three, two minute rounds. The first round once again was an even contest, moving into the second, Rory’s opponent edged him out with some good rights and overhead hooks, however in the third round, Rory came back with his lethal body shots an uppercuts, ultimately taking his opponent down for a KO win.

And finally, Jaxwell Castro fought his first C Class match against an opponent going 6-0 from Nottingham’s KD Gym, Jaxwell showed great technique with his awesome range and clinch. He dominated all three rounds and won on a point’s decision.

Also Saturday 22nd October 2016 Cady Anderson and Daniel Barber represented Nemesis Gym exceptionally well, by having two great bouts each. Showing great skill and tenacity which will hold him in good stead for the future. At Keddle’s Gym interclub show Orpington Kent.

Cady Anderson went against Jack Dempsey from South End Combat in the first bout, Cady showed a great amount of respect with his sparring whist showing a brilliant amount of composure and technique throughout all three rounds.

Cady then went on to face a young man from Keddle’s themselves. Cady’s opponent on this fight was a lot more aggressive, however Cady continued to show his fantastic composure throughout the first two rounds and then dominated in the third. Cady showed his growing skill set and his respect for the sport.

In his first bout, Daniel Barber sparred with another young man from keddle’s, he fought respectfully throughout all three rounds. Gaining valuable ring time.

Daniels Second bout was a lot tougher going up against a young man from Muay Thai Masters Academy, He stood up brilliantly against his opponent who pressurised him, Daniels performance with his strong kicks, punches, and established himself well also showing great agility with his jumping knee strikes. Overall a tough and durable fighting style was delivered by Daniel.

Congratulations to everyone who competed, we’re all so proud of you. #ProudAndStrong #TeamNemesis

Junior Brazilian Jiu Jitsu with Nemesis Gym

Due to massive demand, we are proud to announce...

Due to massive high demand we are happy to announce our first BJJ class for Juniors. Times as follows.. Every Thursday 4.45pm -5.15pm, Beginners to Moderate levels 5.30pm - 6.15pm Moderate to intermediate level Class will be taught by the one and only David Muscat!!


TeamNemesis hosted the Summer Interclub and Decision show on Sunday 7th August.

The day was full of great fights, with everyone showing skill, drive and great respect, both for their opponents and the martial art they love. Well done to all those who competed and showed how far hard work, passion and determination can take you!


Muay Thai Juniors made the leap to K1 on July 2nd with outstanding performances in the WKA Southern K1 Championships.

All the team put on incredible performances which resulted in Phoebe Ilott, Emilis Kozikas, Tawab Mousavi, Grace Stokoe, Melynie Walborn, Molly Walborn and Alfie Willy all gaining K1 titles. Cady Anderson, Titus Jankauskas and Jaxwell Castro also put on superb displays and will be back.


Nemesis and NineNine Black Belt BJJ coach, Austin Gardner, took part in the Tuff Invitational on Saturday 2nd July.

Austin faced Paul Bridges in a 15min submission only bout. After 15 minutes there was no winner so an overtime round began. Austin started with back control and submitted Paul in 24s. Austin then defended himself successfully to take victory. Congratulations to Austin!!

Grips Sweeps Bournemouth Open

David "Grips" Cartwright-Khoza flew the BJJ flag for Nemesis at the Bournemouth Open on 11th June.

David won Gold in both the Gi and No Gi competitions and these victories make him the number 1 ranked Middleweight in the U.K! David is looking forward to the British Open on June 25th where he hopes to repeat his success! Well Done!!!

Coach Muscat leads the team to victory at the Kent Open

Members of the BJJ squad went to the Kent Open to compete on Sunday 5th June. They were all ready for action and hoping to reach the podium.

Molly Walborn won gold in her category and silver in the -60kg category. "Angry" Dave Walborn and David "Grips" Cartwright-Khoza missed the podium but put on excellent performances. Dave Muscat won Gold in his division and Silver in the Absolutes! Congratulations to all!

Bernise Alldis Smashes Muay Thai Grand Prix V

Bernise Alldis, Muay Thai Coach at Nemesis, faced a tough opponent in Anaelle Angerville from France.

Bernise's expert skills and stamina carried her to victory by unanimous decision by the judges. The fight was an exceptional display of power and technique. Congratulations to Bernise!


Congratulations to Team Nemesis on an outstanding performance at the ISKA World Championships in Stuttgart, Germany.

Cady Anderson, Ella Marsh and Melynie Walborn all put on excellent displays and received SIlver medals. Amy Brown, Phoebe Ilott, Tawab Mousavi, Megan Pearce and Molly Walborn were crowned World Champions. The team showed passion drive and skill competing on the world stage. WELL DONE!


Sunday 22nd May the BJJ team saw two members compete in the Southend No Gi BJJ event.

David "Grips" Cartwright-Khoza was first on the mats and overcame strong competition to take Gold in the Light Heavyweight category. A last minute decision saw Aragorn "Sausage" Nartey take to the mats in the Ultra Heavyweight division where he too took Gold. Congratulations to both!


Darren Leston travelled to Denmark to contest the IKSA K1 European Championships. in an epic battle, Darren was injured but will be back!


April 23rd saw 3 new belts earned by Nemesis fighters in Muay Thai. Congratulations to team who showed great skills and winning attitudes!

Phoebe Ilott, Tawab Mousavi and Molly Walborn all defeated worthy opponents to claim the WTKA InterContinental Championships. The whole team put on a stellar performance. Just want to say how happy and proud I am with my team for showing great sportsmanship and superb technique throughout.


Congratulations to all of my students that graded in muaythai at the weekend. All showed great skill to achieve their next levels...

There was a great turnout this weekend. All showed great skill to achieve their next levels in Muaythai. 21 students graded and I'm proud to announce, 4 distinctions,14 merits and 3 passes. Fantastic work.

Congratulations on achieving…

White Prajioud
George Brocket
Mollie King,George Busby,Jimmy Jones,Jack Mcerlean ,Charlie Kent,Ben Gifford,Alex Williams, Daniel Barber.
Teddy Mcerlean.

Yellow Prajouid
Teddy Mcerlean
Richie Spink
Lance Isitt
Phoebe ILott
Grace Stokoe

Orange Prajioud
Richie Spink
Piotr Dylo
Grace Stokoe
Melynie Walborn
Mollie Martin
Phoebe ILott

Well Done everyone!!!

Mighty Megan has another belting preformace

BOOOOOOM THE NEW UKMF JUNIOR ENGLISH -40 kg CHAMPION IS THE FIERCE MAGNIFICENT MEGAN PEARCE A SUBLIME 5 rounds of Muaythai masterclass against a great opponent in ANYA CARTER from ERAWAN GYM many thanks to steve and his great Team what a professional show

Blackpool Belters

Wonderful performances from the dynamic duo, Phoebe Illot and Phoebe Moore

2 wins out of 2 .Well done Phoebe Moore winning on unanimous decision. Well done to Phoebe Illot stopping her girl in round 4. Great support from the team,‪#‎proudnpassionate‬#hardworkpaysoff Nemesis Muay Thai/MMA/Boxing/BJJ & Fitness

Nemesis’ Muay Thai event proves a ‘knock out’

November 1st saw the Nemesis "Revelation" Muay Thai Show take place. sanctioned by the ISKA This event was a fantastic showcase of the sport

Two of Nemesis’ club members, Molly Walborn and Darren Leston, were both victorious during this explosive event. with Molly, aged 11, winning the ISKA British junior Girls Title for -38Kg category and Darren claiming the ISKA Southern Area A Class Mens Title at

The whole show was a fabulous event from start to finish with all the participants showing great skill, determination and heart.
Congratulations to all who took part.#proudnpassionate

Green supreme

Three senior miaythai students passed there green Prajouid with finesse. Well done Callum Mould13. Pheobe Moore 11. Titas Jankauskas 9.

Kids BJJ League

Well done to all the kids who competed yesterday at the monthly BJJ league.

None of the kids made it to gold for the day. However much improvement could been seen throughout, showing all the hard work has been paying off! Mo Ari -Second place. Molly Walborn -Second place. Melanie Walborn -Second place. Cady Anderson -won two fights but unfortunately didn't place.

Sausage Celebration

Well done to Aragorn "sausage" Narty on his blue belt promotion, After only 16 months training. Becoming the fastest to blue at Nemesis.

Sizzling Summer Shows

As Summer approaches we have 2 fantastic shows for you!

White Collar Boxing makes its return to Nemesis on June 27th 12th July sees the chessboard mats heating up with our BJJ competition. For more information about either event contact reception or drop us an email.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Kids League

Sunday May 31st, 3 junior members of the Nemesis BJJ team travelled to Hammersmith to compete in the Kids League.

Molly Walborn, Melynie Walborn and Cady Anderson all took part in this event and showed the true fighters spirit, which embodies Nemesis Gym. Molly won Gold in her category. Melynie and Cady both won silver medals. Congratulations to the them all and thanks to all

May 9th Thai-tastic Nemesis Show

Nemesis put on a Muay Thai show which featured both InterClub and Decision bouts. The atmosphere was electric as skills and heart were shown

Students competed for Junior English and 4 Nations Championships. Molly Walborn was crowned Junior English and Megan Pearce was victorious and became 4 Nations Champion. Congratulations to all those who competed you all showed skill determination and courage. WELL DONE TEAM NEMESIS!!!

On Sunday 1st November the popular martial arts and fitness academy at Erith Riverside Shopping Centre, Nemesis Gym, hosted its second ISKA sanctioned ‘Revelation’ Muay Thai event which welcomed fighters from nine other local gyms to compete in a range of different martial arts matches.
As well as taking part in a number of demonstrations in front of a large audience fighters, including some of Nemesis’ own club members, also competed in a number of thrilling ‘Decision’ and ‘Title’ bouts.
Michael and DarrenTwo of Nemesis’ club members, Molly Walborn and Darren Leston, were both victorious during the fun martial arts event with Molly, aged 11, being awarded with the British ISKA Title for -38Kg category and Darren claiming the title of the South Area A Class 72kg after an exciting and close match.

Casey Keegan

After lots of hard work and dedication to the martial art, Casey Keegan is awarded is blue belt by his coaches Rafael and Dave. ossss

King Conor Combat champion

Conor Stewart explodes on to the "BT Sports", with a class act in the brand new "Total Combat Championships". A Frances Warren promotion.

Conor Stewart based at "Nemesis Gym"in Erith. Took the opportunity that came his way with both hands "Litarally". "Like a movie" said his trainer and manager Michael Tekyi. "Mr warren give Conor an opportunity and he showed what true potential he really has".

The show that brings new meaning to “fight night” was aired on bt sport. March 18th. Pro Fighters from martial arts and combat sport backgrounds, faced each other in the ring for a “six minute” fight. Frances Warren who came up with the concept said “There’s plenty of glory in combat sports, but there’s also lots of pain”. Conor show cased his unique style against the best fighters in Britain in a eight man tournament. That had a possible earning potential of £32,000. Conor worked hard to win this prestigious championship. Conor now has a unblemished record of 13-0. Buckle up and enjoy the ride. It gonna be terrific. Conor Stewart Total combat champion 2015. Watch this space.

uk sandee junior championships

6 junior thai fighters rank in uk sandee championships

Titas Jankauskas 8 came 2nd in -24kg cat Melynie Walborn 9 came 2nd in -28kg cat Mya McMullen 9 came 2nd in -40kg cat Molly Walborn 10 came 1st in -36kg cat Phoebe Moore 11 came 2nd -38kg cat Megan Pearce 12 came 2nd -36kg cat Well done to all

Darren Leston Takes On The K1 Super Fight Series

January 31st sees Darren Leston competing in the 4 man Winner takes all Super Fight Series, in Hastings.

The competition in Hastings has a prize of £1000 for the victorious fighter. This is a K1 event and with such a great prize is sure to make some exciting matches. Contact reception for more details.

Wednesday Mauy Thai with Mike “The Nightmare” Neun

The Nightmare Neun is back, Wednesdays at 7.00pm teaching an awesome Muay Thai technique class.

Come on down and take advantage of all the expertise and experience that Mike Neun brings to Muay Thai and the mats. This class will help sharpen your technique and give you new skills. BRING IT ON MR NEUN!!!

Rafael Veryon Giving BJJ Evening Classes

Rafael is back at Nemesis taking the Monday and Wednesday evening BJJ Classes.

Rafael is a BJJ Black Belt, who will be bringing his skills and experience to the mats on Mondays and Wednesdays at 7.00pm. We are so pleased to have Rafael back on a regular basis and can't wait to take advantage of his expertise.


As 2014 draws to an end, I would like to wish all our family, friends and customers a fantastic 2015.

2014 was a year filled with hard work, dedication which showed in the incredible acheivements of so many of our proud and passionate members.

2014 saw us win:
5, yes you read that right, 5 Muay Thai and K1 World Championship Gold Medals
3 Muay Thai Silver World Championship Silver Medals.
Congratulations to all of those who took to the World stage and showed their competitors their power strength and determination.

Combat Sambo flourished in 2014 with a new British Heavyweight Champion being crowned.
A Gold and Bronze win at the Commonwealth Trials
Others won Gold in Sambo AND Judo for a combined total of 5 Golds and 1 Silver.
Again, congratulations to those dedicated warriors.

Not to be left behind the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu team shone in all competitions this year too:
Gold, Silver and Bronze were won at the British Open.
3 Gold medals were won at the Junior English Open.
A host of medals were won at a vast array of competitions through out 2014.
Congratulations to all the guys and especially those who were promoted to that elusive BLUE BELT!!

White Collar Boxing roared into action in 2014 with numerous members competing in events all over London and our new coach Jimmy Haughney getting everyone up to speed.

We even made our Hollywood debut in the urban action movie ‘The Guvnors’

As you can see Nemesis is growing from strength to strength. This is due to the hard work and dedication of not just the staff and trainers but all of you who come down and train hard, with passion, commitment and drive. You help make us what we are and what we are can only be bigger, better, stronger and faster in 2015.


Nemesis gym members star in a hard hitting film

Several members of Nemesis Gym, a thriving fitness academy located in the Erith Shopping Centre, recently starred in the hard-hitting urban

Set in East London, the gritty film portrays the story of two gang leaders’ struggle to rule the nameless concrete jungle of a city council estate. Members of the Erith gym star throughout in the high energy and ultraviolent action flick, with several shots filmed

Michael Teyki, Head Coach at Nemesis Martial Arts Academy, commented:

“We are incredibly proud of our team for their participation and performance in The Guvnors – it is truly fantastic to see our members’ skills being shown in nationwide cinemas and we look forward to seeing Nemesis Gym make an even bigger name for itself in the future.”

Barry Owen, Manager of the Erith Riverside Shopping Centre, added:

“We would like to pass on our congratulations to all at Nemesis on their recent success in The Guvnors film. The team should be incredibly proud of their excellent performances and for showing both the Erith community and the rest of the UK just how talented and skilled the members at

Bjj blue belt promotion

Congratulations to Simon Hill on his recent promotion to blue belt.

Winner of the British open 2014 in his division, Simon Hill receives his blue belt from proud coaches Rafael Veyron and David Muscat.



Congratulations to all the students that worked hard to achieve their prajiouds! You have done yourself proud!! Your hard work and dedication has paid off. Keep up the good work and strive to achieve more on your journey! WELL DONE AWESOME WARRIORS!

Congratulations to all that worked hard to achieve their prajiouds! You have done yourself proud!






Meet The Guvnors

Please take a look at the trailer for the new film the Guvnors. Parts of this film were filmed here at Nemesis. #proudandpassionate

New Nemesis Website goes live

Welcome to the launch of our new website

And finally after much adieu we say goodbye to our old website! We still have a couple of teething problems and information to add but hopefully our new site will help us keep you up to date with everything NEMESIS!

We’ve tried to get some extra ‘added value’ into our new site and run it as an extension to the gym, so that it can be you one stop shop for all your questions and answers regarding the gym.

The biggest change is that we now have a NEWS page where we’ll keep you constantly informed on everything thats going on at Nemesis, including what shows and fights are coming up, new classes and special events, as well as having comprehensive information regarding the gym, the facilities, information about the coaches and classes, and showcasing students.

We’re also now complete socially networked! So its now much easier to follow/like us on twitter and facebook and stay current with all Nemesis news!

We’ve also tried to make it easier to see what is going on in Nemesis any night of the week, with a ‘the week ahead’ on the timetable page, as well as sidebar panels that show you immediately whats on in the gym ‘today’ and a mini calendar which you can hover over the dates and see a look ahead of the coming month.

Muaythai grading day

Congratulations to all the students whom graded on Sunday in Muay Thai.
White prajioud:
Amilias Kaszikas Merit
Aydim Kirkusu Merit
Cady Anderson Pass
Callum Mould Distinction
Elliott Lancashire Merit
Julia La-falce Distinction
Phoebe Moore Distinction

Yellow prajioud:
Amy Brown Merit
Marie Buakamara Merit
Megan Cramer Merit
Miriara Cho Merit
Mya McMullen Distinction
Titas Jankauskas Distinction

Orange Prajioud:
Alex Gerasimova Distinction
Alfie Willy Distinction
Ata Koydengoelu Merit
Brooke Watson Merit

Green Prajouid:
Jae Goring Merit
Molly Walbourn Distinction.

Chelmsford BJJ open 2014

With only 6 competitors, Nemesis Gym takes home 5 medals after impressive performance at the Chelmsford Bjj open.

Salih Ari and Aragorn Narty from Nemesis Gym take first and second place in their division.

Salih Ari and Aragorn Narty from Nemesis Gym take first and second place in their division.

Bjj comp

Team nemesis were back in action at the British BJJ open in Birmingham. Bringing back more success for the club.

Congratulations to Casey Keegan his on Bronze, Molly Walborn on her Silver and Simon Hill on his Gold. Well done to Dave Walborn, Lee and Steve Sait for putting up a good fight. With over 1300 competitors there on the day.Team coach Dave muscat beamed

Good luck to the guys competing at Birmingham

Iska world

Nemesis World beaters Three of Erith's finest athletes represented England, in Spain at the I S K A World championships.

Mr Conor Stewart : Gold medalist : Muaythai senior category -71 kg. Mr Darren Leston :Silver Medalist : K-1 :senior category -71kg. Mo Dieng :x 2 Gold Medalist : K-1 cadet category and kickboxing cadet category 13-17yrs. Fantastic result from the team.

Colossus Combat conquer

Brendon beats the best to become Combat Sambo British heavyweight champion on his very first outing.

Marco and Louis came up against last year gold medalist and England rep and came out with a good showing. BRENDON, wow what can i say about him he Won his group he is British h/w champion he had two fight he injuried both

Iska England Team Trials

Tryout Trio Triumph.

Darren Leston, Liam Munday and Mo Dieng took part in the ISKA England selection training held in Birmingham. Clubs from around the country ,tried out. Nemesis made a class appearance with all three being picked on the spot. Good luck to all as they


Nemesis Team set to go to Thailand the end of March 2014. Ever wanted to go and train in the authentic birth place of Muaythai?

If so, we would like to share the experience with you. Sampling the authentic thai culture,training and traditions. This is a 10 day excursion. Applicants need to be over 18. Register your details at reception before 15/1/14.

Christmas cracker party presentation at Nemesis

Nemesis Gym Christmas party December 2013. What a cracking time had by all of the members and guests that came and enjoyed the festivities

Nemesis Gym Christmas Awards Ceremony. A fantastic night of Awards and honours at Nemesis Academy. In recognition of the students achievements throughout this year. Passing gradings and attaining success out on the competition circuit.

Students that passed their gradings during the year, were presented with certificates for all their hard work.
Well done to white prajioud; George Coble, Richie Spink , Jamie Holt , Cloe Inglis, India Cooke, Amy Brown, Jason Brown, Michael McMullen, Mya McMullen (Distinction), Molly Bailey (Distinction).
Well done to yellow prajioud; Macey Newton, Ryia Bailey, Alfie Willy, Norbert Dylo, Piotr Dylo, Ryan Jack (Distinction), Alex Geiaginoxs (Distinction), Steve Jack (Distinction).
Well done to orange prajioud; Ryan Cannadine, Ray Beaver, Chloe Coble, James Pearce (Distinction).
Well done to green prajioud; Megan Pearce, Darren Leston, Molly Walbourn (Distinction).

Student awards ceremony .
Outstanding achievement Mo Dieng.
Best Newcomer Mya McMullen.
Most improved students Steve Jack and Ryan Jack.
Student of the year Megan Pierce.
Fighters fighter of the year James Pearce.
Fighter of the year Molly Walbourn.
Services to the community Kia Chevis.
Senior awards.
Outstanding achievement Darren Leston
Fighter on the year Connor Stewart.

All the hard work achieved by all the staff didn’t go unnoticed. Awards and a great big thank you were given to all reception staff Clare Watson, Terri Neun, Emma Walbourn, Dionne Pearce, Sam Ward, Bobby Cook, Lyndsey Mcdonald, Mark Mcdonald, Helen Mcdonald, Janice Sharp.
Coaching staff David Chevis, Dave Muskat, Raphael Villard veyron, Mike Neun, Rob Ashley, Bernice Alldis, Ali Forbes, Simon Hudson , Andy Rolfe, Oleg Sibilev, Mike Thompson, Sue Wells, Tracey Jones, Emily Crout. maintenance staff ; John Marsh.
A big thank you goes out to my wife Nicola ,family and really close friends for all your support.
May 2014 be as exciting if more if not more so, than 2013. #TEAMNEMESIS

Mighty Mo and the Jack Brothers Bombard Basildon

Nak Muay Show lands in Basildon Essex on 21st of December. A host of top quality fighters for you to feast on in the festive season.

Representing Team Nemesis will be title holder Mo Dieng, up against Kieran Parker KK gym, The two have met before with Mo winning a great fight .

Ryan Jack has got to tame the dragon in a boy from Red Dragons camp
Steve Jack has got to silence the boy from the assassins camp

They promise to be real crackers….

Date with Destiny 2013

A huge well done to all who competed in the biggest show to date Destiny 2013.

What an action packed day form start to finish. With a totatl of 13 gyms taking part you can just feel the air was lit with excitement and drama. 65 bouts took place on the day with gyms from all over the country.

Nemesis once again showed the martial arts world it will be competing with the best in the years ahead. Great displays by all the warriors young and old who took part in discipline’s ranging from, muaythai to combat sambo. Showing passion and pride in the gym you represent and love.
A huge thank you goes out to the supporters, family and friends who attended on the day. With special thanks to the support staff without whom the day wouldn’t of been a success.
So fight fans the next exciting episode to hit the area will be on the 9th of Febuary 2014.
Fasten your seat belts “lets get ready to rumble”

Tuesday Challenge

Tekyi and Muscat go head to head to find out who can eat the most Ferrero Rocher in 1 minute!


A huge day of martial arts competition. Featuring championship Muaythai. With a host of other disciplines boxing,mma,k1 and Russian sambo.

Nemesis brings together a allstar cast of local and national talent to show off and enjoy what will surely be a day to remember. With the help of our fellow gyms (Benfleet,Medway,mongoose,all stars,Mtma to name but a few)the day will be filled with everyone showing


This Sunday, Nemesis Gym will be hosting its first ever Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu marathon.

It will cost those looking at partaking as little as £20 per person. The event will start at 9am and finish at 5pm, so those who join, will learn to understand how to roll being as efficient as possible with the consumption of their energy

Those who come will gain a huge load of invaluable mat time which will vastly increase their skill level. If the event goes well, Nemesis will be looking to host one of these monthly, this could easily double your learning speed and those missing out will definitely feel a difference in your game!

Bon Voyage!

Coach Dave Muscat, set to holiday in his home country over the month of December 2013.

Dave Muscat is set to have a one month holiday in South Africa. After working flat out for over a year, he has decided to take a well deserved break to recover and see his family.

All his classes will resume as normal, with the highest ranked taking control and leading the students.
Co-workers question his return, but he has stated that he will be back for his students.

Knockout Blow For UK Junior Super League

Organisers disagree over transparency. Funding stops due to lack of progression towards IFMA world comp rules.

UKMF will b setting up a regional competition where South, West, North and East areas will compete and champions from those will meet in the midlands for a grand final. All events will be in line with IFMA world sanctioning body rules and regulations.

Competitors are said to be upset at the news regarding the breakup of the Superleague, but are looking forward to the alternative competition to which the UKMF are setting up.


Conor Stewart : European Title Fight against Matt Boland from "Richie Gym"

1st Round both fighters cautiously tested out each other, 2nd Round Matt strikes Conor a head kick in-turn setting Conor off using low kicks and hand combo's, Conor connected a straight left, knocking his opponent to the canvas - Ref stops the fight!!!!!!! - NEW


– Steve Jack : 6years old, WON a brilliant Boxing Match, showing great combo’s, power and movement.

– Ryan Jack : 9years old, WON a first round T.K.O. stopping his opponent with Combo’s/Leg Kicks & Knees.

– Ryan Cannadine : 8years old, fought an Interclub fight against a 11year old lad from Eagles Muay Thai, – David & Goliath Battle (David being Ryan) – Good display of courage & determination.

– Ryan Butcher : Boxing Fight, Lost a hard fought 3rd, against a good lad from Lumpiri Gym, Ryan quoted afterwards “My Gas – Ran Out” – Well Done Mate, lets keep working on it for next time.

– Darren Leston : Boxing Title Fight, Close wasn’t the word!!! After taking the fight on 3days notice, Darren gave a fantastic display of Strength & Power for a first time boxer. Losing a hard fought 4 rounds by split decision Darren quoted “Give Me Another Go I’m Ready For The Re-match – Cant Wait”.

European Title Fight Fist of Fire 6

Looking to add another strap to his collection, Connor Stewart will travelling to Bedford to compete at Fist of Fire 6.

On Sunday 6th October, Connor Stewart will be Fighting for the European Muay Thai Title 72.5kg and Darren Leston will be Fighting the British Boxing Title 75kg. James Pearce, Ryan Butcher, Stevie Jack, Ryan Jack will also be competing in Muay Thai.

MacMillan Coffee Morning Friday 27th September 2013

What an amazing day we're having so far, the support is great and we are raising lots of money for such a good cause.

We would like to thank everyone for their kind cake donations... We've raised over £100 so far and it's still only 1pm. There will be lots of photos soon.... just once we've found the camera lead :) !!