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Nemesis Gym Dominates Over Weekend

Fighters from our gym have dominated in competitions across London and the South coast over the weekend of 21/10/16 and 23/10/16.

Connor Stewart won DEBRA’s Total Combat Championship over a series of matches at DEBRA’s 12th Annual Fight Night held in London’s Hilton Park Lane on Friday 21st Ocrober 2016.

In his first match he stopped his opponent with a killer body shot during the first round, thus earning him the knock out victory putting him through to the second bout.

In his second match he overcame a really tough hard hitter by using his range to overpower his opponent, despite the head butt received when his opponent was coming in for the kill. During the battle, they traded off only for Connor to gain the advantage and dominate the rest of the bout thus winning his way to the final round and the Championship match.

In the final bout Connor squared off with a pro boxer. Although the boxer was very technical, Connor out shined with his own great technique, accompanied by his patience, great jabs, beautiful combos and display of excellence, to win the fight and the championship.

Our amazing team took part in F&F’s Night of Champions event held at Oceana Southampton on Saturday 22nd October 2016. The member’s who participated were Jaden Fordree, Richie Spink, Kyle Murray, Rory Wynne and Jaxwell Castro. Here are the results.

Jaden Fordree fought superbly, keeping his cool whilst his opponent was pressurising him by moving forward during the bout, however Jaden’s technique shone through by placing and timing his shots well throughout the bout. His excellent footwork and clinch sealed the deal as he won his fight by points.

Richie Spink in a brilliant bout battled through all three rounds. Once again the opponent was tough, kept moving forward and controlled the first two rounds. In an amazing turn of events, Richie opened up and Dominated with his striking during the third round, ultimately this was left too late in the battle and unfortunately lost on a points decision.

Kyle Murray fought in another three round bout, the first round was an even contest, but then the second round closed with Kyle staring to dominate. He continued dominating in the third round by using his superior strategy to ultimately get win the via points decision.

In another three round bout, Rory Wynne boxed three, two minute rounds. The first round once again was an even contest, moving into the second, Rory’s opponent edged him out with some good rights and overhead hooks, however in the third round, Rory came back with his lethal body shots an uppercuts, ultimately taking his opponent down for a KO win.

And finally, Jaxwell Castro fought his first C Class match against an opponent going 6-0 from Nottingham’s KD Gym, Jaxwell showed great technique with his awesome range and clinch. He dominated all three rounds and won on a point’s decision.

Also Saturday 22nd October 2016 Cady Anderson and Daniel Barber represented Nemesis Gym exceptionally well, by having two great bouts each. Showing great skill and tenacity which will hold him in good stead for the future. At Keddle’s Gym interclub show Orpington Kent.

Cady Anderson went against Jack Dempsey from South End Combat in the first bout, Cady showed a great amount of respect with his sparring whist showing a brilliant amount of composure and technique throughout all three rounds.

Cady then went on to face a young man from Keddle’s themselves. Cady’s opponent on this fight was a lot more aggressive, however Cady continued to show his fantastic composure throughout the first two rounds and then dominated in the third. Cady showed his growing skill set and his respect for the sport.

In his first bout, Daniel Barber sparred with another young man from keddle’s, he fought respectfully throughout all three rounds. Gaining valuable ring time.

Daniels Second bout was a lot tougher going up against a young man from Muay Thai Masters Academy, He stood up brilliantly against his opponent who pressurised him, Daniels performance with his strong kicks, punches, and established himself well also showing great agility with his jumping knee strikes. Overall a tough and durable fighting style was delivered by Daniel.

Congratulations to everyone who competed, we’re all so proud of you. #ProudAndStrong #TeamNemesis

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