Nemesis Gym

Healthy Lunches, Snacks and Shakes

Nemesis Gym is proud to say, Number 7 Health Bar is conveniently situated at the entrance of our building for all your body fueling needs!

If you need a post or pre workout meal, a diet shake or a protein shake or even just a tea or coffee, then Number 7 is the place for you.

Catering for all your stomachs needs at competitive prices, Number 7 will be sure to help you with filling the void with discounted prices for our gym members!

Sauna and a Healthy Bite to Eat

Why not come down to Nemesis for a Post Workout Sauna and a Healthy Bite to eat.

There's so much going on a Nemesis. For those of you at home during the week, why not come down and enjoy a 10am weekday class, then treat yourself to a Sauna (holds 4) and a Bite to eat. What a great start to the day