Nemesis Gym

Weights Gym

Here at Nemesis Gym, we do not only cater or our martial artists. In addition to our training areas, we have a variety of fitness equipment to suit all your ‘getting into shape’ needs.
We have a range of cardiovascular machines which include rowers, treadmills, bicycles and steppers. All of which are perfect for burning unwanted weight and building lean muscle.
Our free weight section is comprised of a variety of dumbbells ranging from 0.5kg to 60kg, a smith machine ideal for squats and benching, straight bars with plate weights good for strength work and a roman chair and flat bench to aid you in shedding unwanted belly fat whilst toning the abdominals.

If that is still not enough, we have a selection of weight machines which include:

Pec Deck – A machine aimed at increasing the strength in the chest and with the ability to adjust the heaviness, can work to build a bigger or more defined chest.

Upright rower – The upright rower is an excellent machine with dozens of different exercises that can be performed on it. With this machine you will be able to work almost any muscle in your body.

Weighted Chin ‘n Dip: This is a great machine for those of you that love to lift your own body weight. However, if you do not yet have the strength to do so, then this machine has the ability to decrease the weight, giving anyone the ability to us it!

Leg Curl: A machine aimed at strengthening and increasing definition on the legs. Excellent for toning up the thighs and increasing power.

Kettle Bells: Kettle bells are paramount for fitness fanatics, the Russian military used these in the 20th century to develop strength and conditioning, they have many uses which are mainly used for core training and cardiovascular work. If you are new to kettle bell training, one of our instructors will teach you the basics to give you the ultimate workout!