Nemesis Gym


Nemesis Gym presents Destiny II on December 2nd 2017. This will be a show full of Boxing, Muay Thai, K1 and MMA.

It will be a great night and a chance to showcase your skills in your chosen martial art. Matches are being made, so contact your coach if you would like to participate. Tickets will be available soon so make a note in your diary.


It was a great day for the BJJ mats as the Team travelled to the London Pro National Competition returning with 5 medals!

Congratulations to all those who took part. Coach Dave Muscat won Gold in his first Brown Belt competition. Oliver Wood and Connell Rich medalled in their first BJJ contests and Sue Dale won Silver in her category and Bronze in the absolutes, Well done!

Green supreme

Three senior miaythai students passed there green Prajouid with finesse. Well done Callum Mould13. Pheobe Moore 11. Titas Jankauskas 9.

King Conor Combat champion

Conor Stewart explodes on to the "BT Sports", with a class act in the brand new "Total Combat Championships". A Frances Warren promotion.

Conor Stewart based at "Nemesis Gym"in Erith. Took the opportunity that came his way with both hands "Litarally". "Like a movie" said his trainer and manager Michael Tekyi. "Mr warren give Conor an opportunity and he showed what true potential he really has".

The show that brings new meaning to “fight night” was aired on bt sport. March 18th. Pro Fighters from martial arts and combat sport backgrounds, faced each other in the ring for a “six minute” fight. Frances Warren who came up with the concept said “There’s plenty of glory in combat sports, but there’s also lots of pain”. Conor show cased his unique style against the best fighters in Britain in a eight man tournament. That had a possible earning potential of £32,000. Conor worked hard to win this prestigious championship. Conor now has a unblemished record of 13-0. Buckle up and enjoy the ride. It gonna be terrific. Conor Stewart Total combat champion 2015. Watch this space.

uk sandee junior championships

6 junior thai fighters rank in uk sandee championships

Titas Jankauskas 8 came 2nd in -24kg cat Melynie Walborn 9 came 2nd in -28kg cat Mya McMullen 9 came 2nd in -40kg cat Molly Walborn 10 came 1st in -36kg cat Phoebe Moore 11 came 2nd -38kg cat Megan Pearce 12 came 2nd -36kg cat Well done to all