Nemesis Gym

Date with Destiny 2013

A huge well done to all who competed in the biggest show to date Destiny 2013.

What an action packed day form start to finish. With a totatl of 13 gyms taking part you can just feel the air was lit with excitement and drama. 65 bouts took place on the day with gyms from all over the country.

Nemesis once again showed the martial arts world it will be competing with the best in the years ahead. Great displays by all the warriors young and old who took part in discipline’s ranging from, muaythai to combat sambo. Showing passion and pride in the gym you represent and love.
A huge thank you goes out to the supporters, family and friends who attended on the day. With special thanks to the support staff without whom the day wouldn’t of been a success.
So fight fans the next exciting episode to hit the area will be on the 9th of Febuary 2014.
Fasten your seat belts “lets get ready to rumble”

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