Nemesis Gym

Christmas cracker party presentation at Nemesis

Nemesis Gym Christmas party December 2013. What a cracking time had by all of the members and guests that came and enjoyed the festivities

Nemesis Gym Christmas Awards Ceremony. A fantastic night of Awards and honours at Nemesis Academy. In recognition of the students achievements throughout this year. Passing gradings and attaining success out on the competition circuit.

Students that passed their gradings during the year, were presented with certificates for all their hard work.
Well done to white prajioud; George Coble, Richie Spink , Jamie Holt , Cloe Inglis, India Cooke, Amy Brown, Jason Brown, Michael McMullen, Mya McMullen (Distinction), Molly Bailey (Distinction).
Well done to yellow prajioud; Macey Newton, Ryia Bailey, Alfie Willy, Norbert Dylo, Piotr Dylo, Ryan Jack (Distinction), Alex Geiaginoxs (Distinction), Steve Jack (Distinction).
Well done to orange prajioud; Ryan Cannadine, Ray Beaver, Chloe Coble, James Pearce (Distinction).
Well done to green prajioud; Megan Pearce, Darren Leston, Molly Walbourn (Distinction).

Student awards ceremony .
Outstanding achievement Mo Dieng.
Best Newcomer Mya McMullen.
Most improved students Steve Jack and Ryan Jack.
Student of the year Megan Pierce.
Fighters fighter of the year James Pearce.
Fighter of the year Molly Walbourn.
Services to the community Kia Chevis.
Senior awards.
Outstanding achievement Darren Leston
Fighter on the year Connor Stewart.

All the hard work achieved by all the staff didn’t go unnoticed. Awards and a great big thank you were given to all reception staff Clare Watson, Terri Neun, Emma Walbourn, Dionne Pearce, Sam Ward, Bobby Cook, Lyndsey Mcdonald, Mark Mcdonald, Helen Mcdonald, Janice Sharp.
Coaching staff David Chevis, Dave Muskat, Raphael Villard veyron, Mike Neun, Rob Ashley, Bernice Alldis, Ali Forbes, Simon Hudson , Andy Rolfe, Oleg Sibilev, Mike Thompson, Sue Wells, Tracey Jones, Emily Crout. maintenance staff ; John Marsh.
A big thank you goes out to my wife Nicola ,family and really close friends for all your support.
May 2014 be as exciting if more if not more so, than 2013. #TEAMNEMESIS

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