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Another Awesome Saturday With #TeamNemesis

Our Team competed in a couple of events on Saturday 12th November 2016

Saturday 12th November saw members of the Muay Thai travel across the south east to compete.
Jaxwell Castro journeyed to Hastings to contest the IKF Southern Area K1 title. Jaxwell put on an impressive display of technical skill and heart and stopped his opponent in the fourth round to claim the title!! Congratulations to him on his first title!!

Titas Jankauskas Tawab Mousavi and Molly Walborn travelled Blood and Glory at KO Bloodline. All three put on a superb display. 
Both Titas and Tawab both fought 5 closely contested rounds but were unfortunately unable to secure the win.
Molly Walborn beat her opponent to secure victory.

Congratulations to all these young fighters who really exemplify dedication, commitment and heart!!

#ProudAndStrong #TeamNemesis

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